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Kiichiro Kagawa ( was born in Hitachi city of Ibaragi Prefecture, Japan on December 15th, 1944. He got his BS and MS degrees in the Department of Physics of Konan University, Kobe. He also got his Ph.D degree from Konan University in 1975. He was awarded by Nishina Kinen Foundation in 1975 for his pioneering research contribution on “Color Center Formation due to N2 Laser Light Irradiation”. He became an associate professor of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Education, Fukui University in the following year. During 1987-1988, he stayed in Oregon State University in United States as a guest researcher.

Since 2000, he has been promoted to full professor of the Faculty of Education and Regional Studies of Fukui University. His major field of research is laser spectroscopy, especially on the application of laser in spectrochemical analysis. From 1991, he has been engaging in the cooperative research program with the group of Applied Spectroscopy Laboratory in Graduate Program of Opto-Electrotechniques and Laser Applications at the University of Indonesia. Recently, he has also become interested in the field of Physics Education, developing a unique experiment on the production of artificial snow crystals using simple and readily available equipment. He is a member of the Society of Physics, the Society of Applied Physics, the Laser Society, the Spectrochemical Society, the Physics Education Society of Japan and the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice. Up to now he has published more than 100 papers on various topics in laser induced plasma, laser spectroscopy, laser technology and physics education fields.

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