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Wahyu Setia Budi ( was born on June 15th, 1958 in Magelang, Central Java Indonesia. In 1977, he entered the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Gadjahmada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He received his BSc degree in Physics in 1981, and continued the study until he received his Graduate (Sarjana) in Physics in 1983. In 1990 he entered the Postgraduate Study Program of Opto-Electrotechniques and Laser Applications, The University of Indonesia (UI). In 1992, he received his Master degree majoring in Laser Technology. In 1993, he started his doctoral study at the same department in the University of Indonesia. He received his Doctor degree in 1996 in the field of plasma spectroscopy and its application, with the dissertation title of Confined Plasma Induced by Nd-YAG Laser Bombardment at Low Pressure. Part of this research was supported by a sandwich program called University Research Graduate Education (URGE) Program of Directorate General of Higher Education, Department of Education and Culture, Indonesia, and it was carried out in Laser Laboratory of Prof. Kiichiro Kagawa of Fukui University, Japan, who also served as a member of the team supervisors together with Dr Hendrik Kurniawan and the late Prof. May On, Tjia.

Since 1985, he has been a permanent lecturer at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Diponegoro University. After finishing his doctoral course, he continues to hold permanent academic position at his home university as a senior lecturer and developed Laser Plasma Spectroscopy Laboratory at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, where he serves as a Professor in Optoelectronics since 2006.

Currently, his main research interest is radiation applications in medical physics and experimental studies on laser-induced plasma and its applications to various fields including spectrochemical analysis and laser material processing. As a researcher member, he has also carried out many collaborative research works at Maju Makmur Mandiri Research Centre in Jakarta in the application fields of laser-induced plasma for breakdown plasma spectroscopy (LIBS) in spectrochemical analysis, and also the applications of laser induced plasma for nanomaterial fabrication especially for medical applications. He is also an active fellow in the Indonesian Physical Society, the Indonesian Optical Society and the Indonesian Medical Physics Society.

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